About Us

Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corp is an initiative of Nigerians in Diaspora Leadership Forum. A forum that comprises top and leading Nigerians professionals willing to contribute their quotas.

Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corps (NiDMECorps) was established to represents yearning interest of millions of our youths, young leaders, seekers of good governance, developers of human capacity and an inspirational project. A contribution by Nigerians in Diaspora toward national development. It is an organisation put together to promote the principles of being your brother’s keeper through mentoring and helping government in term of good practice and governance; as well as encourage the development of socio-economic empowerment ideals.

At all times, NiDMECorps activities extends to public through execution of projects, mentoring youths and young leaders as well as providing trainings; where necessary has collaborates with Law Enforcement agencies to assists in maintaining Law and Order or advise such as NSCDC. It is a non-combatant Para-civilian organisation.