The Nigerian in Diaspora Mentoring Corps is one of the major contributions by Nigerians towards nurturing and developing tomorrow’s Leaders for Nigeria.


• International Mentorship Corps (IM CORPS) is an operational outfit of the Diaspora Mentorship Programme; which is the world’s first Diaspora Mentorship Programme. A non-combatant and Para-Civilian organization.
• IM CORPS members are drawn from all over the world
• IM CORPS is part of the joint effort to build, support and create peaceful existence of all Nigerians established with AAL, NH Commissioner, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) & the Private sector to provide coordinated support for capacity building, mentoring, educating and advocating a sustainable development of Nigerian youths at home and abroad!

NiD Corps was established mainly for the purpose of developing mentoring scheme, supporting the Nigeria’s insecurity issues by way of mediating, provision of welfare materials, advocacy and implementing some programs in respect of making Nigeria better for us all. The purpose of this is to safeguard the founding understanding of our fore-fathers. A united Nigeria could be stronger and more prosperous.