How to Join the Programme

  • Obtain and complete IM CORPS Enrollment Form
  • Undergo the screening exercise
  • When successful a National Mentor code will be issued
  • Approval to apply for IM CORPS machine readable card

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How the Programme Workssuc1


  • Mentors enroll and get national mentorship codes
  • Mentors determine the area they wish to mentor
  • Mentors choose applicable societies
  • Mentors form working groups with assigned mentees


  • Mentees enroll and get National mentorship numbers
  • Mentees determine the area they wish to get mentored
  • Mentees choose applicable societies
  • Mentees form working groups with assigned mentors

Mentorship structures

  • Diaspora Mentorship Register
  • Diaspora Mentor codes
  • Diaspora Mentee Numbers
  • Multi-dimensional Mentorship Profiling
  • Accredited Mentorship societies
  • Diaspora Mentorship Fact book


Current Project

“One Million African Mentors for Ten Million African Youths” (IM410M) is a voluntary, non-paying, FREE service for the benefit of African Youths aged 18 to 30 yrs old. All IM CORPS members will sign the non closure and confidential agreement on joining the programme and give their consents as adults to engage in confidential and supportive Mentorship.

For more information, please –

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  • Prospective corps members shall be required to complete an IMC enrollment form and additionally undergo Medical, Psychological, Criminal and Ethical screening to qualify or may be evaluate by each applicant’s application.
  • Corps members shall work both as Volunteer Mentors and Programme affiliated to African cabinet Ministries and or parastatals.


  • IM CORPS Programme is designed to provide support and guidance to African people especially the Youths & Young Adults. It is a sustained relationship between Corps members and Africans where the Corps members offer support, guidance and assistance to the mentee within their respective mentorship Society and in return, Africa through the office of AAL support IM Corp.


  • To initiate the national brain gain project
  • provide support systems for Africans at Home
  • share international best practices
  • Provide good governance within MDA and where applicable
  • support the government towards its developmental programmes

International Mentorship Corps

  • International Mentorship Corps(IM CORPS) is an operational outfit of the Diaspora Mentorship Programme; which is the world’s first Diaspora Mentorship Programme.
  • IM CORPS members are drawn from all over the world with the support of the founders and spearheaded by the office of Ambassador-at-Large & is operated by African Arise as its overreaching body.
  • IM CORPS is part of the joint effort to build, support and create peaceful existence of all Africans established with AAL, NH Commissioner, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) & the Private sector to provide coordinated support for capacity building and sustainable development of African youths at home.