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I M Corp Procedure

  • Prospective corps members are required to complete an IMC enrolment form and on occasion, may be required to additionally undergo Medical, Psychological, Criminal and Ethical screening to qualify or may be evaluated by each applicant’s application.
  • Corp’s members shall work both as Volunteer Mentors and or on Programmes affiliated with an African Nation’s Cabinet Ministries and Parastatals and Agencies among others.

How the Scheme Works

  • Mentors

Mentors enrol and get NIDMECORP /national mentorship codes 

  • Mentors determine the area they wish to mentor 
  • Mentors choose applicable field and availability 
  • Mentors form working ideals with matched mentees – e.g. Once a week or a month. At least 1hour per month with mentees or group sessions in applicable places of learning


  • Mentees

Mentees enrol and get NIDMECORP /national mentorship numbers

  • Mentees determine the area they wish to get mentored
  • Mentees choose the applicable time and subject interest
  • Mentees are available on the agreed schedules and diligently obey our terms and conditions, respectively, and honour all.


  • Organisations/Corporates

Organisations, corporate entities, educational centres etc enrol and get NIDMECORP /national mentorship codes 

  • Organisations determine the area they wish to mentor 
  • Organisation chooses applicable field and availability 
  • Organisations form working schedules and programmes with matched mentees – e.g. Once a week or a month. At least 10 hours per month with selected or group sessions in applicable places of learning, work and enterprise

Mentorship format

Mentors are placed based on their availability when visiting their nations in Africa. The organisation and partner affiliates are informed and the mentors will coordinate with the institution/school/college/learning centre/hospitals/clinics etc for available slots, days and times for implementing and delivering the mentoring subjects and or topics. While not necessary or compulsory, mentors may decide to offer similar valued contributions to the organisations or mentees. Please take note all business transactions are totally at the discretion of mentors and not NIDMECORP demand and compulsory request.


Mentorship structures

  • Nationals in Diaspora Mentorship Register
  • Nationals in Diaspora Mentor codes
  • Nationals in Diaspora Mentee Numbers
  • Nationals in Diaspora Multi-dimensional Mentorship Profiling
  • Nationals in Diaspora Accredited Mentorship affiliates and partners
  • Nationals in Diaspora Mentorship Factbook/Uniform info (shop)


How to Join the Scheme

  • Register here and complete the IM CORPS enrolment form at ( where the link to join is)
  • You will receive confirmation and necessary details & where necessary, you may need to submit needed evidence at registration
  • When successful, a Nationals in Diaspora Mentoring code will be issued
  • Approval to apply for IM CORPS machine-readable ID card which enrol you for extra volunteering work in association with National Agencies such as NNVS, if a Nigerian. 

To obtain the I M Corp status, you will need to submit a copy of the needed info and knowledge certificate provided by or in your host country. After all approvals and documentation are secured, you are eligible to start sharing your time, experience, skill and expertise with the next generational leaders and contributing to improving the standard of living, career path, knowledge and someone’s else dream of succeeding in life.



Each subscribed member either mentee or mentor plus organisation will be able to verify members through the unique identification number and or information available on NIDMECORP, a mentee or member will click to search for a member, mentee, mentor or organisations in their region or interested field. If there is a member there, the names will appear and contact information for the member/mentee/organisation’s direct communication. Just like if you pay on linkedln for linking you with a paid member.


Mentee Expectation   –       What to Anticipate from Your Mentor in the Context of Africans in  Diasporan Mentoring Scheme


A mentor for nationals in diasporans typically brings extensive business acumen, leadership skills or specialized knowledge in areas such as NIDMECORP diverse industries from the experts and mentors ranging from education, health, finance, governance, economy or business and peace advocacies. When engaging with a mentor, it’s essential to have clear expectations regarding the support they can provide and the boundaries of their role.


Your Mentor Will:

– Offer an external perspective on both you, your area of interest and or your business.

– Listen confidentially to your concerns and worries about your life’s plans from educational pursuits to business.

– Share their own experiences of both failure and success to guide and inspire you.

– Provide friendly, impartial support throughout your journey.

– Offer honest and constructive feedback to aid in your personal (academic) and business development.

– Act as a sounding board for ideas and decisions.

– Assist in decision-making by suggesting alternatives based on personal experiences.

– Introduce you to valuable contacts and networks for personal and business growth.

– Extend ongoing support and encouragement where possible.

– End any further engagement if any boundaries in place are being explored or broken.



Your Mentor Will Not:

– Provide educational guidance, and counselling services, as their role is focused on development principles, education and business mentoring.

– Offer specific technical educational, lifestyle (professional), and business advice typically provided by expert business advisers at cost.

– Function as a training service provider.

– Engage in coaching and mentoring services related to specific business tasks, goals, and objectives.

– Assume responsibility for the success of your lifestyle (educational) and business; that remains with you, the student, emerging leader and business owner.


Engaging with a mentor from the nationals in diaspora involves understanding the distinctive contributions they can make to your life and business journey, providing insights, guidance, and a supportive partnership tailored to your specific needs as approved under the code of conduct of NIDMECORP.

Organisations should have Places of learning

Eligible organisations such as CSOs, NGOs, Schools, Colleges, Universities and places of learning are invited and encouraged to register to benefit from the scheme and make their place a venue for receiving Mentoring and Coaching by the IM CORP mentors.