Nationals in Diaspora Mentoring Corp

Platform & Avenue for supporting African’s Development

To be a platform and avenue for supporting Africa’s development in terms of capacity building, mentoring, security, coaching, the value of educational pursuits, and ensuring the responsibility of leaders are guided based on global good practice and governance.


• The IM CORPS Programme is designed to provide support and guidance to people, especially Youths and Young Adults. It is a sustained relationship between Corp members and the Youths, Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs etc where the Corp members offer support, guidance and assistance in a mentoring format to the mentees within their respective mentorship skills and experience.


is to link our youths in the Diaspora with potential companies, organisations, and ministries where they can have the opportunity of work experience, internship, volunteering and a platform to share with Africa, vis-à-vis.


To initiate the national brain, gain project
To provide support systems for youths at Home/African nation
To share international best practices
To provide good governance within MDA and where applicable
To support the government towards its developmental programmes on youths and young leaders.
To mentor, and mentor again.

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Learn at Your Own Pace
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