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At NIDMECORP, our mentoring programs are designed to offer youths a unique opportunity to engage with mentors from the diaspora, fostering connections that bridge gaps in creative principles, ideas, innovations, skills, and knowledge necessary to enhance both job prospects and educational pursuits. Through this initiative and mentoring scheme, the aspirations and dreams of these young individuals are elevated, facilitating their climb up the ladder of success.


For career aspirations, you can find support from accomplished individuals who generously volunteer their time and expertise. NIDMECORP is renowned for its innovative approach to extending mentoring to those earnestly seeking to enhance their lifestyles and development.

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Key Attributes for Participation: Willingness, Respectfulness, Availability, and Honesty in all Engagements and Programs

Understanding Mentoring

Mentoring, while a prevalent practice globally, might not have been as commonly recognized in our local settings. Chances are, you’ve either been a mentor or been mentored without consciously realizing it during various stages of your career, education, or personal growth.

In essence, mentoring involves a direct exchange where a person, known or unknown, shares their skills, expertise, and experiences with another to aid their growth in a chosen career, education, or lifestyle. This journey of growth and development can span both professional and personal realms.

Origins of “Mentor”

The term “mentor” originates from Greek mythology, wherein Ulysses entrusted his son Telemachus to the care and guidance of Mentor before embarking on his epic voyage. Mentor guided and advised Telemachus, leading to the evolution of the words “mentor” and “mentoring.” In contemporary terms, mentoring typically involves a 1-to-1, two-way developmental relationship.

Defining the Roles

  • Mentor: A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills, and experiences to assist another person or group in their progression. Traditionally, a mentor guides a mentee in a one-to-one mentoring relationship. However, group mentoring has gained popularity, wherein one individual imparts knowledge and guidance to a larger group.
  • Mentee: A mentee is the recipient of knowledge, skills, experience, and guidance from a mentor, aiding their progress. This progress primarily focuses on professional and career development, but mentorship can extend throughout an individual’s life.

Exploring Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is an innovative concept wherein someone usually considered less experienced, less senior, or younger in an organization mentors someone more senior. This approach aims to educate senior individuals on specific perspectives, insights, or knowledge, often related to diversity, technology, and emerging market trends.

Overall, mentoring significantly contributes to a mentee’s growth, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel both professionally and personally.

FAQ – How Can I Mentor our Youth and others?

NIDMECORP facilitates easy access to mentoring within our communities. Click and register now to become a mentor.

Where Can I Find a Mentor?

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