The Nationals in Diaspora Mentoring Corp (NIDMECORP) serves as an extensive network of global professionals, comprising highly skilled and experienced mentors and coaches dedicated to giving back to Africa.

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Nationals In Diaspora Mentoring Corp (NIDMECORP)

  • In today’s ultra-competitive world, where more than 440 million youths and young adults are looking for a greener pasture; your organisations and businesses cannot afford NOT to have a corporate and business mentoring program. 

After all, the skills of your MDAs, Parastatals, be it in the private or public sector as your company’s staff & executives are your most valuable assets.


Nationals In Diaspora Mentoring Corp (NIDMECORP)


  • The Nationals In Diaspora Mentoring Corp Programme is a public and private sector-led youths and young adult mentoring project and vigilante Corps supporters and advocates. Fully harnessed by the participation of African professionals in the Diaspora.


  • National In Diaspora Mentoring Corp PROGRAMME is guided by leaders representing corporate businesses and government institutions from the public and private sectors. These dedicated individuals are actively engaged in the strategic planning and implementation of building leaders and supporting the developmental issues across and for the benefit of African continental growth and development. They serve as the organization’s Corp Ambassadors for youths and leadership mentoring. The organisation is working and acting on the principles of and in line with the United Nations SDGs as well as participating in continental and global initiatives. 


  • Nationals in Diaspora Mentorship Corps (NIDMECORP) received the approval of Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation, Nigeria’s government through the office of Nigerian Ambassador at Large, Dr. Bamanga Tukur and the then Nigerian High Commissioner to the Court of St. James’. NIDMECORP is the world’s first of its kind to provide a path and processing of mentoring and coaching people back in their country of Origin from the Diaspora.


  • NIDMECORP members are drawn from all over the world after duly registering and obtaining the necessary documentation. 


Each member can have the inscription of I M Corp (I’m a mentoring Corp)


  • IM CORPS is part of the joint effort to build, support and create a peaceful existence for all Africans as established with the Africa Union mandate for a stronger continent and UN SDG agenda. 


It takes into account the support of various institutions, High Commissioners, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) & the Private sector to provide coordinated support for capacity building and sustainable development of youths, and emerging leaders and a platform towards good governance and leadership.