How to Support & Contribute

Our institutional and corporate partners both from the private and public sectors are invited to contribute to the success of the mentoring scheme through placement and provision of available slots for successful mentees. We appreciate the relationship and support where possible. Partnering with NIDMECORP enables us to provide more internships, placements and working experience opportunities to the mentees as well as for the plans and schedules for our nation’s development and growth.


For our donors in various ways, partners, and stakeholders this united provision helps provide the opportunity to unite, bridge the gaps and bring together mentees and mentors, in some cases employers and employees around one programme that grows the talents of the human resources building onto a strong positive impact through mentoring, coaching and volunteering, skills and expertise sharing. We are indeed thankful for the opportunities to change lives and grow the nations. 

Learn From Industry Leaders
Learn at Your Own Pace

Organisations Can Provide Workplace Visits!

Our NIDMECORP Workplace Visits are opportunities provided by organisations for mentees or school kids/students we have on board to learn and appreciate working methodologies.

Donate to Help our Mentoring and Coaching in Africa/other nations

Your vital support towards educational and basic health services is our paramount and most challenging and your donation in kind, cash or other means goes a long way in changing lives, our communities and nations. Removing an impediment to their growth, development and hope in life.


How We Work With Education, Training & Other Places Of Learning!

Each registered institution is listed as our listed member. A mentor selects one based on their schedules and programmes to mentor. Contact is made with the institution and the plans and schedules with the mentor.

Our mentors act as highly skilled, experts and professionals in their career paths and leadership capacities and abilities, such as role models, working to make positive impacts on the mentees (groups) (Classes) and occasionally on a one-to-one basis.