President's Message

As the brainchild of the Africans in Diaspora Leadership Forum, under the esteem rivered former chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDOE), the Nationals in Diaspora Mentoring Corps (NIDMECORP) stands as a testament to the commitment of esteemed African professionals to empower and guide our youth, and emerging leaders towards a future marked by responsible leadership and governance.

NIDMECORP was conceived to address the aspirations of countless young individuals seeking guidance, proficient career paths, good governance, leadership counsel, and robust skill development. It embodies the collective endeavour of Africans in the Diaspora to bolster national progress. Our organization is dedicated to instilling the values of community support, mentoring, value of educational pursuits, and advocating for governmental best practices both in the private and public sectors. Additionally, we strive to foster socio-economic empowerment initiatives.

Our outreach encompasses a spectrum of activities, including coaching, training, project execution, mentorship for youths and emerging leaders, and the provision of essential tools to develop one’s life and dreams. We maintain strategic collaborations with law enforcement entities, notably our alliance with NSCDC, in a bid to fortify lawfulness and order which is a key to national development and leadership as experienced and noted in our nations. It’s important to note that NIDMECORP operates strictly as a non-combatant para-civilian organization and mentoring platform.

Our primary aim is to mentor, coach, guide, support, and empower the next generation of leaders, infusing within them the principles of responsible good governance, leadership, mentor-mentee relationship and service to their communities. Together, we advance towards a future where our youths are equipped, empowered, and inspired to lead with integrity, hard work, dedication, commitment and vision.

HE. Amb. Alistair Soyode
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